Graffiti: Street Art or Vandalism?

Graffiti Street Art or Vandalism? While driving around Chicago, it is not hard to find murals on the walls of buildings and bridges. Many are beautiful and took a lot of time to create. They serve as a way to give some color to a neighborhood. While driving past some of my favorite murals, the Hubbard Street Murals, I began to notice the tagging and defacement on the walls.  

Some have even been painted over to cover up graffiti.

Another Mural in Hyde Park was also defaced.

Many people think of this kind of this when they hear about grafitii artists. They see the sketchy allys and industrial buildings.

But Graffiti can be beautiful and give color to communities just like the commissioned murals.


Going out and looking of Graffiti like that made me see the skill and beauty in everyday Graffiti.

Chicago has strict policy on graffiti and paints over it frequently, but should we censor these artists. They create just as beautiful art as the people payed to by the city. I believe that le…

Security at The University of Chicago

Security at The University of Chicago The University of Chicago is a very safe school. Campus and the surrounding neighborhood is below the city average for crime.  The University police force is the third largest campus police in the nation. Throughout campus there are 123 "emergency phones," almost one for every corner. Cameras are mounted on top of almost all the emergency phones. Clearly safety is a top priority for the University, but when is enough, enough?

One of the many emergency phones

 These Emergency phones are all over. The distance between two are no more then two blocks. They do lower crime in areas with them, but it comes at a cost. Everywhere you walk you are being watched. Privacy is compromised in the wake of safety.

Charlotte, one of the many security guards at Lab, agreed to an interview. "I do make a difference, because the daily regiment and focus that I have keep the students safe. Its when I get lazy is when my job means less and less"

When in Greece
Recently I took a school trip to Greece with my camera. Throughout the week I captured the landscape and urban life of Greece. 
As we flew, the land beneath us was beautiful

Right out of the airport, it was clear how the Greek economy relied on tourism

The city of Athens was littered with graffiti and signs made of both the Greek and Latin alphabet

Walking through the city people and dogs where everywhere

There were many museums and tourist locations in the city