Security at The University of Chicago

Security at The University of Chicago

The University of Chicago is a very safe school. Campus and the surrounding neighborhood is below the city average for crime.  The University police force is the third largest campus police in the nation. Throughout campus there are 123 "emergency phones," almost one for every corner. Cameras are mounted on top of almost all the emergency phones. Clearly safety is a top priority for the University, but when is enough, enough?

One of the many emergency phones

 These Emergency phones are all over. The distance between two are no more then two blocks. They do lower crime in areas with them, but it comes at a cost. Everywhere you walk you are being watched. Privacy is compromised in the wake of safety.

Charlotte, one of the many security guards at Lab, agreed to an interview. "I do make a difference, because the daily regiment and focus that I have keep the students safe. Its when I get lazy is when my job means less and less"

Another part of the security for the university are the night watchers. They go out every night and stand on select corners. Even in the cold and rain they are out there. All of them declined to be photographed and interviewed. Many saying that is it "policy" not to talk to people while on duty. 

While the safety around the campus is amazing, it is important to remember the effects of this safety. The constant surveillance and the shady policies of the university police can make people uneasy about them. In an age were more and more privacy is striped away for safety, it is important to know when enough is enough


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