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The Life of Music
Sam DuBose is a sophomore musician at Lab. He played a wide range of instruments across many genres.

Sam is a talented piano player. He started playing the piano when he was six years old. At school he plays piano for the jazz band. Sam remarks "piano is my roots per say, in the beginning I hated it but it sparked my interest with music. It is still my favorite instrument to play."

Sam is not just limited to piano, he plays a diverse selection of instruments.

Sam often does not play alone. He jams with his best friend, Michael Harper, all the time. They started a band and are planing of recording and releasing an album. Sam is dedicated to making his band better than average. According to Michael "Sam is a control freak about his music, he does not trust others." They fight about their music all the time, but it makes is better.

Music is a part of Sam, he says "music is what gets me through the day" Sam dreams of making is big, and he works f…